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Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of Parts For Astons Ltd

1. All deliveries will be made exclusively on the basis of our Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery. They shall likewise apply to all future business contracted with purchasers, buyers and orderers. If buyer's and /or orderers purchase conditions or other conditions of supply diverge from our conditions, they, and any other alterations or additions and collateral agreements, shall apply only if they are expressly confirmed by us in writing.

2. Orders will exclusively be accepted on our Terms & Conditions of Sale and Delivery. Diverging agreements require confirmation in writing.

3. The dispatch of the goods will be effected at our free option and in all cases for the account and at the risk of the buyer, orderer or consignee so that any damage occurred during transportation will be at the charge of the aforesaid. We are entitled to part deliveries.

4. Pricing will be made Euros in the Euro zone and GBP in the UK and does not comprise the costs of packing, postage, transportation and insurance. Special orders such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks and complete engines are subject to a 50% non refundable deposit. On principal, our catalogue prices indicated and/or the prices of our Webshop will be applied if they have meanwhile changed, we reserve ourselves the right of acceptance of order.

5. Shipment will be made cash on delivery or by direct funds transfer prior to shipping. In the case of other payment agreements, payments shall be performed without discount deduction. If the debtor is in delay of payment, he has to pay default interest of 3% above the current discount rate of the Bank of England, at least however, 9% per annum.

6. Complaints and objections of any kind shall be notified to us by purchasers in writing immediately upon receipt of goods but not later than 8 days thereafter. Otherwise, the statute period of limitation of 6 months shall apply for any warranty claim, defects and objections. In all cases we are liable only for performing subsequent improvement and/or, if necessary, replacement delivery provided that, previously, the buyer, orderer or consignee has placed the goods delivered immediately at our disposal. We do not assume any additional liability whatsoever, particularly for consequential damage and delays in delivery. Befor the manufacturer has inspected the spare part complained of and under warranty. The seller is not obliged to provide cost-free advance delivery. The seller expressly denies any liability for wage or other costs incurred. Any liability for the consequences of modifications, alterations and repairs carried out by orderer, buyer or third parties is likewise excluded; simultaneously, any claim of warranty or guaranty will lapse in such cases. If several subsequent improvement have failed to be successful, the legal rights to warranty will become effective again. Claims for damages of any kind against us or any persons employed with our company for the purpose of performing their obligations shall be excluded if we cannot be blamed for intention or gross negligence. In all cases where liability with or without fault cannot be excluded but limited, the liability shall always be limited to the damage foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of contract.

7. The goods delivered shall remain our exclusive property until they are completely paid for and cheques, if any, are cleared. In the case of resale, the resulting claims towards third parties shall be regarded, without asking, as being assigned to us up to the amount of our outstanding account.

8. With exchange parts, we reserve ourselves the right of contract until we have received the used part. Old units for exchange must be sent to us in advance and in proper and complete condition. Damage or dirt by used oil etc., if any, will be charged to the consignor.

9. No merchandise may be returned for any reason unless prior agreement with Parts For Astons Ltd. In case the customer wishes to return Stock merchandise which has not been delivered wrong or defective by us, the customer will receive a credit note amounting to the value of the returned goods. This voucher will be credited for the next purchase. In case the customer prefers cash refund, 20% reduction of the goods net value will occur.

10. If individual stipulations or parts of them are, or become, ineffective, the remaining ones shall not be affected thereby.

11. The buyer, orderer, purchaser agrees on the data resulting from the business relation to be stored, within the meaning of the Data Protection Law, for our own business purposes.

12. It is agreed upon that the place for delivery and payment as well the place of jurisdiction shall be the UK regarding purchasers, orderers, buyers. We are entitled to take legal action at the place of residence or of a branch or any other legal place of jurisdiction of the buyer, orderer, purchaser. If a buyer's, orderer's, purchaser's general place of jurisdiction is in this country or if he changes, after the conclusion of contract, his domicile or lawful residence to a place outside the jurisdiction of the UK, our place of business shall be the place of jurisdiction. This shall apply also if the orderer's domicile or his lawful residence is unknown at the time of filing a lawsuit.

13. The law of England and Wales shall rule. The provisions of the uniform commercial Code and the Uncitral sales law (United Nations Commission on International Trade Law) shall not apply in the relation between us and the buyer. Any legal disputes for or against Parts For Astons Ltd will be dealt with in the Stockport County Court.

14. Please note that special orders cannot be cancelled or refunded.

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